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I often find myself telling people that I am being serious, and yet, they still laugh. Turns out that I am a pretty entertaining storyteller and can set up a mean plot. I created this page to be able to tell the stories of my childhood, travels, triumphs, discoveries and failures through life from an aspect that is purely mine. Every blog you read about me is true.  If you like what you read like and share it… maybe even leave a comment. If you don’t like it let’s just keep that a secret Kay! I’m sensitive and I’d love to stay that way!!

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#MyLifeIsLikeAMovie I swear. Grab some popcorn and ride the waves with me

They Pay Me To Live Here (Tulsa Remote)

Let’s talk about Tulsa Oklahoma. Tulsa is the second-largest city in the state of Oklahoma.  Historically, a robust energy sector fueled Tulsa’s economy; however, today the city has diversified and leading sectors include finance, aviation, telecommunications and technology. How does the 47th largest city in America grow in this manner. Well… they pay for it! …