The Many Faces Of JoBurg – South Africa

Day 2 in South Africa was AWESOME! Oh man! So after maybe 4 hours of sleep we got up to go to tour the Township called Soweto. This is a place where Nelson mandela stayed and Winnie still stays today! We met up with some locals (who surprisingly were as concerned that we would sell them into trade as I was that, that’s is what they wanted to do to me) That was a great bonding time then we hit what I call a day party. But it was a Neighborgoud or something like that market. On one elevated floor there were TONS of merchants with non processed and good foods. You have Asian, Indian, Greek, African, American. There were drinks and desserts and gelato!! It was all so beautiful and amazing!! One more floor up was an open air/ half covered roof top w a live band that was great. Like really great!! And merchants where you could buy local goods!! We left there for the streets of Soweto aka (the hood) the people were STUNNING. their skin was so perfectly brown! We bartered and perused items.. clapped at street performers and then visited the home.. well… of Nelson Mandela. We had an excellent tour guide and it was INSPIRING. Since we were on Mandelas block we Milly rocked down it and then headed to the twin towers! Inside I found more beautiful people and more music. LISTEN SOUTH AFRICANS MUST YOU DANCE AT EVERY MOMENT IN LIFE?!! yes.. yes you do and I was THERE FOR IT! I danced and sang (except to single ladies cause.. no) and learned African dances and how to say bbq.. they were so impressed with Teshia & My English accent!! (It’s perfect. Her accent is legit… cause we American! Lololol)) oh man I love South Africa!! And everyone is so stylish. Tomorrow we are in search of the top 5!! Hippos, Giraffes, Elephants, Lions and… hmmmm… another one! Lol!!

Oh I tasted McDonald’s and KFC today and YUCK they taste exactly like they do in America.

Also got to see children from the Zulu tribe and learned about many different tribes in the area!!

Love you guys!! It’s 230 am here!!


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