Unleashing the Rich White Woman Inside – South Africa 


Day 4 in Capetown was RICH!!Let me first start by apologizing to South African Airlines. American TV had me convinced that flying with you would be a cautious journey but it was CERTAINLY NOT! Not only did I get to walk on the tarmac while planes were driving around me but they fly the 737 800 and may even have a liiiitle more seat pitch that SWA! HELLO SPACE!! it was a great flight w a great crew and wow!! My apologizes SA Airways it’s my American television that made me prematurely judge you! You are excellent!I secretly kept looking out the window hoping I’d see some type of tribal activity. None was seen but what I did see was MOUNTAINS! THE BIGGEST MOUNTAINS IN THE WORLD!! (Okay probably not but huge!) And fluffier clouds than I’ve every seen and on the plane were so many COLORED PEOPLE!! Okay okay so here saying colored people is not bad. It’s an actual race of people. The story I’ve gotten is that the white men and black women created these yellow children.. A LOT! and there was some division bc they were these yellow Crystal Davis looking people w negro hair. Actually they looked Black. Asian, Indian but all had the same skin tone… it’s like if you made everyone the same skin color….. Eventually the yellow people established their own language and culture an are respectfully referred to as… COLORED. They are beautiful!! They don’t talk to me though… gonna change that tomorrow!!

Any who we are staying in the penthouse of this beautiful home that has glass windows all around (even the bathrooms and showers teehee) so we have THE BEST views! It was late and rainy when we arrived so we walked to a quaint coffee house for free WiFi (more like 2G) and some really great home cooked food!

We then took an uber to a place called the water front that was a large dock of beautiful boats and held a mall called Victoria’s Wharf. Think of the galleria – Gucci, Burberry, LV and whatnot… Capetown looks like a very clean new York (if New York had massive mountains on one side) the traffic congestion. The people walking. The style of dress. Johannesburg was more big T ‘fresh to death’ or hipster.. Here their clothes say “WE GETTING MONEY”

Here there were no people on every corner asking for change. We came across one boy and they banned him from the area and had us securely escorted for our safety?? That was confusing as in Johannesburg that seemed to be the norm..

Before I start speaking everyone thinks that I am South African. Then they are amazed and excited that I am American! EVERYONE asks the same question.. ARE YOU GONNA VOTE FOR TRUMP? lol!! They are as baffled as we are about him!!

Today was uneventful. I perused a mall.. went grocery shopping at Woolworths and then I laid across the couch of my penthouse suite w a chalet of pressed mango juice like the rich white woman that I am inside and overlooked the beautiful city!! Tomorrow will be better because we have some GREAT things planned! You are gonna love these pictures!



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