Africa is for Africans.. South Africa belongs to Afrikaans

South Africa, Capetown day 5 was eye opening!

4 o’clock in the morning I was awakened by a SLAP to the face!! I had left the penthouse door/window/wall open and a storm rushed in! At 17 floors up that rain sliced me like a fresh loaf of bread!! LAWD HELP ME!! I don’t think I’ve ever moved so fast to close that window and get back in that bed!!

My second awakening was so much better! The sky lit up like something from a puzzle uncovering the mountain in all its splendor! Whoa!! I could get used to this!!

Today was supposed to be jam packed and it WAS!! We walked the streets downtown in search of the local markets.

We passed by Parliament to a one man protest. He was from Liberia and is not able to work in South Africa because he is not a citizen and they asked him to leave the country.. apparently roughly as he protested so strongly as the news channel sat snacking… and tourists recorded…

We got lost and made it to market! There were 2 separate areas filled w vendors who were selling your basic goods that everybody else had as if they created them themselves!! There was hilariously one that sold artwork who claimed to be the artist… but they had the same EXACT paintings as all the other self proclaimed artists so I loudly asked them all why their personal work looked like everyone else’s!! They were all tickled at my boldness!!

We met some of the funniest people. And they were all so impressed that there were actual black Americans there!! One in particular were two guys who claimed to be the COOLEST! One was so excited to tell me about how fly he stayed and he was Jordan everything… I need yall to see this hat below… πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

We then caught the city shuttle hop on hop off bus! This was worth every dime!! We went down hills, scaled mountains, brushed death along cliffs and met some of the friendliest drivers!! We stopped at Camps Bay and walked along the beach that was scattered w dead jelly fish! They were everywhere!! And shells SHELLS filled w living animals and empty ones filled w beautiful colors!! We took some time to pose for the gram and then went to the grocery store.. I mean it was there! Lol!! We met some of the funniest white kids and one colored! They explained to me why it’s totally appropriate to say that. The explained the culture of Afrikaans (white people) and a little more into colored people! The colored girl said “In America they would say I’m…. Mexican” I said nope. In America you colored girl are BLACK!! She jumped for joy at the excitement of being able to be black… they explained to me that white is right in Capetown… Sidenote: They have never ever seen a Mexican. I bought them chips (fries) and added them on snap chat! They are so excited to be on American snap! Lol!!

A delicious dinner (and history lesson from the black waiters about race/class) and bus ride around the city landed us at the Wharf where we met Jeff (Jephet) and Erick. Jeff and Erick were two awesome men who happily filled us in on the history of Capetown. The affects of racism and how it affects them today. We also learned that the sheds that we saw before entering town was where the blacks lived and how they dream of the freedoms of America… There are some places in Capetown that blacks aren’t allowed to enter at the risk of being ‘disappeared’ and the terrorist group here that is killing black people as well as the real threat to us of ACTUALLY being sold into the sex trade that is not fictional… They helped me clearly understand the looks in the eyes of the Capetown blacks as they gazed my way.

We took an UBER back to a small cafΓ© across from our penthouse and after my marriage proposal (pretty sure this guy was serious and I could’ve moved but… Crystal Davis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

I now sit on my couch (It’s mine now) overlooking the city and as in awe as I am in its beauty.. I am saddened by the hidden sadness here. Empowered by the freedoms that I realize that I truly possess and thankful for God who has aligned my life the way that he has…

It’s been beautiful South Africa.. I will return.

God bless South Africaafrica balanced


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