What About Yo Friendsss? 

I joined a book club.  

Let that sink in…  

But tonights episode is not about a book club.  I really just wanted to tell you cause I’m so excited about it.  This blog is about finding people who will elevate you.  

I don’t mean hold the elevator door and press 4th floor,  I mean those who will get on the ground level with you, see your potential and push you towards it. 

If you’re  like me this friend may need to be buff cause it can be a drag… 


If it’s one thing that I have learned it’s that I don’t have all the answers. (SWAY!) I’m pretty good at making it seem like it so you come to me for them but it’s not because I have all the experience.  I know where to go…  

Good friendships offer new experiences. They challenge the way that you think. They lovingly question our standards of normal and they inspire us to reach new heights.  

Like when I take you all camping..  You’re welcome.  

Admit it,  you’re better people after it.  

In my sleepy,  stressed to produce and publish this blog state I am also simultaneously texting a great friend of mine.  He is never there when I need him but seemingly always there before I jump off a cliff which I guess is when I really need him?!

Like Jesus…  Except not at all 

You need friends who see you on the cliff and demand you to come down.  


And you have to be that friend to others as well.  Without vision people perish but without people who survives? 

Did that even make sense? 

I’m pretty sure I sleep wrote that last sentence… 

Be a good friend to somebody today and everyday.    


Love Courtney! 


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