I Queen,  adore Kings. 

Today I had a pretty interesting conversation with a friend about potential.  I make a LOT of connections with people easily and there’s always a LOT that I don’t know about them… 

And that’s okay with me.  I don’t care really..  

This however does not sit well with her and a lot of other people who hold watch over me! 

Let’s just speak to that for a second.  You get in the car w strangers,  share food off your plate w random men and enter homes too easily and all of a sudden you’re on a watch list!  In the words of my granny “Well,  I BE!” 

Anywhoooo..  Potential.  Yes potential.  You’re probably gonna disagree with everything I say here and that’s okay.  You’re probably gonna tell me that there are things that I need to know about people and I will politely disagree because seriously…  There’s so much you don’t know about me! And a lot more I am never telling….  Unless the spirit hits me! 

FUN FACT!  I have all the characteristics of a psychopath except that I DO NOT LACK empathy.  Did a study on it.  Found it quite interesting so if anybody is crazy it could possibly be me…. 

Back to the subject at hand.. Today’s discussion began because I refuse to dig into the past lives of the men whom I meet.  I don’t want to know what their relationships were with women prior to me.  If they love their mommy that’s good enough for me.  

My friend says that you must ask these questions in case he is low key crazy! (if he was would he tell me?? )  That the way he treats past relationships will surely affect me.  That I need to know what changed in their lives to make them act respectably alleviating the possibility of him snapping on me.  

I disagree.  I Queen dwell w Kings. 

Let’s take a real life example in my Baby Quincy.  (for those of you who somehow don’t know this is my now 13 year old cousin Quincy who will always be my baby!) It is he who I love more than myself!  He’s HUGE and brilliant.  Funny and talented.  An absolute genius and there are many of you who may disagree.  I have no illusions, I know that he is surely bad as all get out! I know he doesn’t listen to most of yall.  I know he is selfish and greedy.  Probably curses a storm,  and when he’s with his friends LAWD HELP ME! but when he is with me he is exactly who he is supposed to be.  I have never seen these behaviors from my baby.  It’s not that he changed…  It’s that he is allowed to be his best self and he is free to act according to his potential.  That’s how I feel about the men that I meet.  

I see a King.  I act accordingly. 

Side note: I really need some good girlfriends!  Hi,  I’m Courtney and I make for a great grown up slumber party! 

The men in my life do well with me because I remind them of the Kings they are.  Sometimes that man is down deep…  deeeeeeeeep.  

I’m legitimately proud of their accomplishments.  I cover them in prayer and allow them to,  like the humans they are,  have feelings.  I support their decisions and allow them to lead.  The men in my life are excellent and not because they have changed. They are simply operating as what they are supposed to be.  

Doesn’t it feel good to be loved.  

The Geters one day said “I’m proud of you.”  It brought tears and the best out of me. 

I am not concerned with how they treat any women before me.  I guarantee you that he won’t respond to me negatively. That’s what happens with anyone when you love free and unconditionally.  I Queen, Adore Kings. 

Do not be afraid of life.  Believe that life is worth living.  Then treat yourself and those around you accordingly #Bars – Courtney

Now that I’m done you’re free to disagree.  

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