Because my vision lacked the important things 

I had the privilege of joining the DFW Urban League Young Professionals (get involved yesterday for a vision board making class.  

This was surely something I could get behind because well..  I have commitment issues and I especially stay away from goals. 


Cause I hate losing and I’m not 1000% sure that you’re committed to me and not how I make you feel so there Dr. Phil.  Analyze it! 

Anywhoo I came mentally prepared.  

Make it big!                                                 Make it stand out!                                     Make it glitter and shine!  

At no point did I think about content. This was another chance for me to craft. You crafters know the rush.  All I smelled was glue and victory!  Thankfully the committee was ready for me and had a paper I needed to complete first so that I could organize what was important. What was attainable and what was necessary.  

I made sure to keep it hidden but I was stressed about this list.  See… What I am discovering with each January blog entry is that I don’t take leaps not because I may fall (which could be fun)  but because I may fail.  I don’t mean regular fail I mean swings from cliff,  let’s go of rope,  hits side of said cliff,  slides through thorns,  hits head on rock,  poops self and splashes into water…  Drowning… 

See!  FALL!  Fun!  Failure is deadly!   Now here I am writing something down on paper… 

Solidifying a goal… 


How is that NOT terrifying.  

Somehow I did it.  Financial goals,  Work goals,  Health goals,  

Wait..  You guys didn’t think I’d give you specifics?! 

Even after I just told you I’m terrified of failing them you expected me to list them so you can remember… 

You obviously are a 1st grade Courtney who doesn’t read for content.  If I fall off you not about to tell me! 

I continued into love,  travel..  I scratched travel cause that was too easy and definitely cheating.  Found just the right pictures. Added just enough sparkle.  Dashed on a little #TreatYoSelf realness and was pretty proud of what I had accomplished. 

So what the crap are you blogging about Courtney?  It was  success you big dummy! 

Is it funny or mad accurate that I believe that’s how yall talk to me? 

Well,  a day later and a board done I realize that I forgot some important things.  

It was a good list.  It covered really great things and that’s what it’s supposed to help you do.  Help you to be accomplished.  Help you succeed,  to make you more awesome but… 

I forgot the practical and important things:
1. Be kind

2. Love others

3.  Pray –  and in my prayer language,  and specifically 

These things are the base of what should be a part of your daily routine but…  do we do them intentionally?   I mean I’m nice.. But am I kind.  When I ask how your day is did I expect an answer or was that just my greeting in passing? 

Do I really love others of just pretend so they’ll love me cause I never know when I might need something and really how much time do I spend on my knees praying? Am I remembering what you told me.  Am I there long enough to recall conversations we’ve had, am I allowing the spirit to reveal to me what you need…  

This blog was just a reminder for me to remember the important things.  That my life isn’t successful unless I have you behind me.   What’s the point of me eating if you’re starving and if I’m accomplishing my goals and taking you with me…  Will you be able to reciprocate genuine love or be as fake as relationships tend to be if I did not intentionally practice these things. 

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