I cheated on 24 Hour Fitness…  

Yall.  I went to Planet Fitness today and I feel so dirty. I low key need a shower, not from the sweat but from being so guilty! 

I feel like 24 hour fitness is calling me to check in like a good gym and I’m telling them I’m at work…  When I left the office hours ago w Susan from accounting!  

I feel like early in the morning 24 put breakfast at my table,  made sure my coffee had sugar and cream.  My eggs were over easy, toast done lightly and all was missing was my morning kiss that used to greet em! 

I fell into it! It was them,  not me!  

Shiny new machines,  massage chairs and free training OH MY!  Planet Fitness had everything that caught my eye! 

I promise it wasn’t intentional.  Crystal Davis said they have free massage chairs that use the new water technology.  I had seen these chairs before but never used them and at the price of free 99 i was intrigued.  

Walking in was amazing!  Everything was color coordinated.  The machines were all brand new! There were fat people everywhere,  this gym looked liked me and you! Tvs spread across the entire space and training was free!  And there were multiple massage chairs so you could relax…  Yall…  This gym had shiny new machines,  multiple massage chairs and free training!   Cheaper than what I pay now AND for me! 

The walls had signs advertising bagels if you worked out in the morning.  I was completely confused by the pizza party promotions and the candy on the counter  but…  This was a judge free zone so…  You could do what you wanna! 

This is starting to rhyme.  Stop that! 

I was so amazed at this place I knew my 24 membership needed canceling 

but then…  

This stupid song came on and all I heard was Leighann singing “Feels gojod,  feels good”  as she was training.  Probably biceps as I was in pain as she sang joyfully.  Body pump builds my community…

Yes I am fully aware that most the machines are broken but 24 has the machine that I need.  I can’t just run cardio  on any equipment. All this tummy requires a break on these knees. 

The massage chairs were wonderful but the water waves made me itchy.. 

And THERE ARE NO SCALES! it’s part of the judgment free policy but…  Though I know scale victories are not the pinnacle of health victories,  THEY ARE TO ME! 

I Know the sounds like I’m on the fence but 24 hours is Bae!  If someone can please tell Planet Fitness I’m sorry… 


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