I’m Socially Anxious..  

Don’t cry Courtney!  Don’t you dare cry in front of these people!  I swear if you cry I will kill you! Sneakily wipes tear!  OMG you suck!  OMG do you know who we are! You’re ruining everything!  You always do this to us! 

These are the personalities you know and love inside of me,  scolding me. 

They are jerks.  

I’m sitting in this meeting traumatized that I am here with all of these new people and they expect me to be at my best performance capability.  

I don’t always  feel like performing! Sometimes new situations are scary.  I wish this was a progressive blog where I could walk you through steps to remove anxiety.  That’s not how my life works. For me,  it’s not that easy. 

You know how you have to just jump in the pool head first so it’s not cold… That’s how I get over it.  Traumatic,  YES,  but these other voices be pressuring me! 

I have to go now so I can grab this mic and turn on the other Courtney.  

If we are able to eliminate our own fears our presence automatically liberates others

How do you get over anxiety?  


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