Who Told You It Was Easy being Happy?! 

I have really great male friends.  I mean they aaight and sometimes talking to them makes me remember key things about myself.  I understand that some of yall don’t have this privilege so I’m gonna let you in on some the the blessing that is male friendship depth.  

Take care of yourself.  Be happy with you!  Stop being so negative and spinning it like its positive.  (I call it just speaking truth…  We can debate this part another day) Often times we hurt ourselves by not loving ourselves the right way. What do the scriptures have to say?! 

That’s it.  Pretty simple huh! Yesterday I was told “You know you’re great so ack like it”  yup…  A.C.K. best advice I could get! 

This blog really isn’t about what that say,  they already think they important enough. (and I tell them)   This entire blog to follow is about self love. 

If you didn’t know that’s my hash tag for 2017.. Bought 5 bras recently..  Do you understand the price of bras for me. Treat yo self is in full affect! #Boobies! 

And because I obviously get distracted…. 

Stay Connected: Don’t neglect friends and family. Is there someone who supports you,  who leads you to positive things.  Who’ll rub your tummy and love every ounce of the 15 you’re trying to delete. ..  That just me?  Okay new example someone that cheers me on at the gym and doesn’t offer me sweets.  

You need the feeling that people love you and have your back so don’t neglect people who give you these things. 

Be Thankful: I’ve recently learned of these things called micro wins..  They are definitely a game changer for someone like me.  I set small goals that I KNOW I can acheive and then..  I party! It’s a reminder that I am worth celebrating.  

Engage in Physical Activity:  It could be going the gym,  talking a walk or dancing.  Simply get yourself moving.  This triggers your body positively. Positivity attracts positivity. It may rid of of all things coming your way that’s cranky! Pump out some dopamine. 

HAVE FUN! Fun that you can remember,  fun where you are present and actually enjoy it.  It doesn’t have to be a big thing.  I have a really good time doing some of the most simple things.  Aka..  People watching at Quik Trip and creating their stories. (spoiler alert: they’re all serial killers.  ALL OF THEM!) 

Shut Up: Okay that sounds harsh but you gotta be quiet to hear the peace.  It doesn’t simply mean stop talking but also thinking!  Be selfish and take a few moments to simply…  Be. 

Take Better Care Of Your Body: This one is new to me and is happening forcefully but…  I don’t even notice the taste of Chia seeds and I can feel all the good energy.  Even though its not a focus (um lying,  it is for me)  I get all kinds of excited when I see the scale moving! Taking better care of our insides ensures that we can successfully enjoy the benefits of living.  


Take Out The Trash Daily: I got this good one from my daddy TimRoss.org It’s a simple concept.  Basically you dispose of any negative thoughts daily,  hourly, and if possible  immediately.  Allowing all that stuff to build up,  like natural trash gets stinky! After a while you don’t notice the smell…  But other people do and trash left too long becomes toxic so you’re not the only one sick,  you’re now destroying others too! #FunkyMonkey

These tips weren’t me just talking to you,  I use them daily.  Sometimes I get really struggly.  I hope they can make you a better you and me a better me.  

This is a blog you and I will need to rinse and repeat!

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