How did you get so confident!?

I have an infatuation with psychology.  It makes me fascinated by shows dealing in criminology.  I read books about the inner minds of serial killers. I read crime scene diagnostics for fun.   I mention more often than needed that I am only missing one character trait from being a psychopath and that is awesooooome! 

Don’t worry I’ll let you know when I let go of empathy… 

Learning about others,  even if crazy,  allows me to learn more about me.  I believe I’ve developed quite a decent personality! He’s a few tips that help me make me..  ME! 

1. BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF,  ALWAYS.  Awkward situations are always…  awkward, for you and for me!  Don’t stress out by trying to be something or someone that you aren’t.  Releasing the pressure of expectations  opens you up to developing better communication.  GIVE THEM YOU.  Honestly. Even if that you feels ugly or simply has to pee.  There is someone there waiting for you to say it so they can relate and also be released.  

2. AVOID TRYING TO BE POPULAR.  That is super annoying.  Believe me that no one likes a “Look at me! Look at me!” it makes you pretty douche worthy.  Why so severe.  Because searching for this makes you try and fold yourself into who the “crowd”  wants you to be and not many good things come from a crowd mentality. 

3. DEVELOP SOME INTERESTS.  Seriously.  Otherwise you’re mad boring!  Is there nothing that ignites your fire internally? Don’t be basic and don’t be boring. And if you are boring at least be excited about it! 

4. HAVE AN OPINION.  Similarly to building an interest or hobbie,  having an opinion makes you less boring! If you disagree – do it!  I guarantee that this will make you so much more interesting. 

5.  SHOW YOUR CONFIDENCE.  Being confident doesnt mean loud and extroverted. It means that you are cool with YOU.   Reassure yourself that you are amazing. Put it on a shirt.  Write it on a wall.  Whatever it takes to get it through to yourself that you are freaking awesome!

This is not an exhausted list.  Just some things I  believe will help you,  so hands on your hips…  Power pose for a few minutes then GO! 

The world is waiting on  you! 


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