I’m an Over Thinker –  I live in my feelings 

Hi I’m Courtney,  I’m an Over-thinker and I live in my feelings.  

We are learning so many things about ME! 

If you talk to me Monday through Wednesday and on Thursday I hear nothing from you..  You hate me.  I just know it.  

If I cough two times then I am sick! You cannot tell me otherwise!  I am contagious STAY AWAY FROM ME! I just know it.  

If I miss a call from my aunt somebody is dead.  Yup!  Dead! I just know it. 

I just know it.  Period.  No exclamation points,  these thoughts that I have are factual to ME. 

But they’re not facts.  They’re over exaggerations that I form in my mind cause of lack. 

Lack of confidence,  lack of self esteem. Lack of trust and definitely a lack of everything that makes me, happily  me.  

I’m so duplicate.  How can someone so full of self esteem be ridiculed with fear and anxiety over nothing… 

But bad dreams.  


Because sometimes I don’t believe the miracles that I believe in for you happen to me.  And what do I do when my mind thinks these things?   I GO TO SLEEP. 

I legit just woke from a 3 hour evening nap on a Thursday because sleep doesn’t  feed the beast within me.  What’s an evening nap you just asked.  It’s me…  Running from me.  

The reason why these things have such a huge effect on me is because they come from me.  I’m a trusted source.  I have credibility with me and its hard to separate from crazy if crazy is..  Me. 

We have to learn to disconnect from the things that separate our minds from who we are supposed to be.  Teachings that cause us to fall into negative behaviors.  Eating directly from the hands of the enemy.  We have to place silence between the wrong  voices so that we don’t believe.. 

Even if it means the voice I have to kill is me.  

Uhhh kill is figuratively…..  

Stinking psychopaths! 


2 Replies to “I’m an Over Thinker –  I live in my feelings ”

  1. You.are.amazing.
    I’ve been following your blog since Jan 1st (& yes I’ve read your earlier posts as well).
    I love it. I love how open you are, how honest, vulnerable, funny, dramatic you are 🙂 You inspire people on the daily & I am one of those people. Keep writing, keep sharing, keep being YOU- a queen & nothing less.



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