#StoryTime DMX And I Are Basically Besties! 

I got nicknamed by DMX and didn’t have to have his baby.  I mean seriously, he is on like kid number 15 so just being in his presence there was surely a possibility of conception so,  shout out to me. 

This a pretty quick story.  Some of you know that when competition is offered I get really good at a lot of things (i.e. I suck at Duck Hunt but on the paint ball field I have the aim of a beast) this season competition involved singing.  

I’m aaight but put some money on it and you activate StarringCourtny!

So there was a city wide talent event that served a double purpose.  It allowed me something to win and also an event that the kids in my shelter (I was a social worker at the time) could attend. And I did good.  Real good. 

So good that at the next city concert it allowed me a face to face with D.  See how we just became besties. 

I waited anxiously and don’t even remember the additional artists that I was able to meet..  Ummmmm Faboulus was polite and I remember meeting Ja Rule and thinking that I’d rather be meeting Charlie Baltimore. 

I paced  nervously in the hallway outside of his room waiting for him to appear. Heels clicking at every step.  I remember thinking I know he hears me pacing,  open this dang door!  As I finally began to give up and walk away….  It opened and I  found myself face to face with DMX… 

Everything within me became fan girl! And that’s serious because I am not of fan of anything.  I’m so unimpressed and titles dont phase me but in.  my.  face. stood.. D. 


So being me I turned on my most uninterested face,  stuck out my hand and said “Hi,  I’m Courtney.  I’m The winner of the singing contest so you get the chance to meet me.” 

He introduced himself as if it was needed and we had a polite enough conversation before I asked for a picture cause I wanted to go back and enjoy the show. Lies. . 

He handed his cigarette to someone beside him cause he didn’t like smoking in photos, one shot with my camera,  a hug and we were done.  I gently waved and walked away.  

I listened intently to their movements and heard them turn around and a door close letting me know he was back in his room before I WENT INTO FULL FREAK OUT MODE! 

I skipped and I danced!  I laughed and I screamed then I heard in that particular voice “Aye,  yo Skippy…  I knew you loved me!”  I spun around and he was there…  Watching me.. How embarrassing!  

I laughed and yelled JUST KIDDING before I took off running! Icing on the cake was when on stage he even shouted out to me.  After the concert he invited me and my friends to kick it and I’ve seen him randomly since and he still remembers me. 

In that voice every time he say…  Ain’t you….  Skippy

[giggle snort] yea that’s me. 

Do you have any cool celebrity memories that make you feel like besties? 


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