So you wanna take a group trip… #Vacationing

Lend me your ear and listen to me closely…  




take just anybody on a trip..  Allowing anyone into your vacation space is traveling sabotage and there’s no sorcery outside of a punch to a face that can fix it! 

Group trips are an amazing thing and EVERYBODY should go on one. Whether domestic or international the experience and relationships gained surpass anything you’ll do alone. My last group trip was a bust ONLY because we all didnt understand some key things. Let me let you in on the things I  learned so you never have a bad experience.

1. When group vacationing allow individual or free time into the schedule. Group vacations mesh a lot of personalities into one.  The more extroverted personalities can go go go but the introverts may need a rest.  I typically have a lot of high personality but there are negative energies that drain me requiring rest.  An unrested Courtney will cry like a baby looking for a nap.   (This also goes for a hungry Courtney fyi…)

2. When with a group plan excursions in advance. This way you have a loosely set schedule for each individual day.  When traveling alone it’s easy to go on a whim and there are also discounts  and ALWAYS openings for the ‘lonely traveler’  but this is a group and lack of pre payment and large event planning is a delay for a group. Also if your input is requested about an activity…. GIVE IT.  Nothing more annoying than somebody without an opinion… I’m just saying! 

3. Don’t expect everybody to have manners and pack extra grace.  International traveling can be confusing and frustrating at times.  There are language barriers, traditional customs and things that we are bound to not understand. The unknown causes people to react in diff ways and it’s good to remember this. Take fear for example… some people run, some people fight. Both good options but totally based off experience. 

There isn’t a long list of things that are needed to have a successful group trip but the one thing it can’t happen without…. is a happy YOU so..

4. Relax and have fun! You are on vacation or as the world calls it “Holiday.” The main thing is that you enjoy yourself. Make new friends. Eat new foods and like them… or Not! Get your hair wet!  Swim with a dolphin, jump off a cliff and kiss that elephant! Get out there! Take pictures! Visit South Africa and take me with you cause it’s my favorite! Put the phone down (not for too long tho cause I want them pictures) let.. them… touch.. your.. hair. They’ve never felt texture so beautiful and that group wouldn’t be the best group if you didn’t give your best You!

Summer is coming! Plan those trips now! And let me know shooooooot… I may wanna go too! I’M FUN!…. unless I’m hungry.


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