Did Cuba Just Get Trumped?

I shared a video today that brought about lots of questions concerning American travel into Cuba. I will spare you my political banter and thoughts about this administration and leave you with the facts. 

Note that it is 530 PM June 16th (changes can and will occur)

1. The changes put in place by President Obama to allow more individual ‘people to people’ travel will likely be rolled back

2. Group people-to-people travel will still be allowed by authorised agencies. This would be for ‘educational’, but not academic, purposes.

3. The changes will go into effect when OFAC (part of the Treasury) issues new regulations (timing unknown but they are authorised to begin writing within the next month)

4. Trips that are already purchased or planned prior to today will not be subject to the new regulations

5. Southwest Airlines has great low fares into Cuba. Go now before the experience is taken from us!

And because I’m not the expert in this here are some links!!  


Official FAQs from Dept of Treasury: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Programs/Documents/cuba_faqs_20170616.pdf

For those of you who kept reading… [whispers] Just go thru different channels. Go thru Mexico, an hour flight, $20 US visa, and you’re golden. You can tell them you don’t want your passport stamped to avoid questions.  You can also leave from Jamaica and Canada too!!




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