DAMN. Kendrick Lamar

If you had to describe the concert in one word what would that word be?


This is from my friend Kat. She is a “super fan.”  Hours prior to the concert I found myself at her home having a last-minute listen to the DAMN. album and receiving  behind the scenes information about Kendrick Lamar and corrections to my inaccurate yet confidently spit lyrics.

Apparently he pulls up.. hops out and AIRS OUT, so flipping my hair at the end of that phrase was…. wrong.  None the less, I was excited for the night.

#FunFact I have never been to a large-scale concert as a spectator. For reasons that make for great stories I have only seen them from behind stage either as a participant (read one example here)  or well… That’s for another time – so when my great friend and stylist you should know gave me tickets to a box seat for the DAMN. tour there was no way I was gonna pass that up.

Before the concert started there were a few artists that took the stage and screamed some things about Broccoli and flew on LEGO block eagle/owls. I am pretty sure people enjoyed it… I don’t know. What I do know is that when the screen dropped displaying that transformation into the main show was happening the air changed. Collectively you could feel the crowd tense with excitement. There was a thick energy filled with anticipation (and weed smoke) so enormous that I felt it (or got high) either way it was definitely evident and met with an EXPLOSION!

Once Kendrick hit the stage the crowd transformed into one unit. Chanting each and every lyric as if it were their own. I couldn’t help but feel that every song was my favorite as well! I danced and joined in… when I could and had a really excellent time.

[Insert here] a lot of kung fu moments starring Kendrick, a random box covered in Christmas lights that reminded me of the carriage from Cinderella,  an amazing set of… dancers??? Or martial arts couple who entertained as Kendrick rapped and a lot of “drank” and a screen that kept repeating “nobody’s praying for me” till I was sure that we needed to hold hands and pray. 

There was one moment in the show that took the cake however. The last song of the evening, prior to the encore of course, was HUMBLE.
Now, I was excited to hear this song as, aside from Alright, this was a song that I knew, loved and could finally, truly, join in on the turn up. Three words into the song the crowd took over.  The first verse hit the roof violently as it was called out from every corner of the crowded stadium. The crowd continued through the first verse and well into the chorus before erupting in cheers. Looking around I could tell that the crowd was so enthralled that they weren’t even aware that he had not been rapping with them but… standing in awe.

This is hard for me to understand because, he is Kendrick Lamar after all. How overwhelmed can one be that his music is loved when he is performing in a sold out arena???  Yet, his face proved that… he was in fact humbled.

Thats when he got me.

If this was not a reaction of full sincerity then this man deserves an Oscar because the genuine gratitude expressed by the ‘surprise’ that his music is enjoyed as much as it was as loud as the screams of the crowd.

“Infatuated with becoming a relevant star, trying to say goodbye to the glamorous chains and cars.”

The concert then continued into one of the most LIT moments of my life as the song restarted and Kendrick and his fans performed seemingly together from all around the room.

Did I mention that this crowd was more salt than pepper… that it ranged from suit and ties to flip-flops and tank tops.

What I got from this experience is that he’s not just a rapper, he’s a writer, an overcomer [churchy], a beautiful soul,  a story teller and if you catch the underlying message in what he presents… revolutionary. 

“Look at me, Im a loser, Im a winner, Im good, Im bad, Im a sinner, Im a killer, What Im doing, Im saying that I’M HUMAN.”

That you are Kendrick, and one I admire.

Your new fan – Courtney, who is indeed… praying for you.




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