What is This.. PROGRESS?! #FitOrFat

I might be enjoying this work out thing. – Me, January 2018

So I joined #CampGladiator. At minimum three nights or early mornings a week I work out pulling fire hoses, flipping tires, running sprints* and suicides* and I haven’t seen ANY FREAKING RESULTS!!

I’m eating all green and what not. Whole grains and cutting out meat. Passing on all things “swine” and NO FREAKING RESULTS!!

That stinking scale wont move.. DOWN that is. It goes up and up and up as it pleases but it wont go down past where we started!!

Yesterday I went to the Music Hall at Fair Park, in Dallas TX, which I hate. Not cause I honestly haven’t seen any shows that compare to the greatness of what I get from the Winspear but cause of the seats. THE STUPID SEATS.

They are uncomfortable. Surely what I imagine a budget airline feels like!

I squeeze into the seat and it’s arms are pinched at my sides. My beautiful thighs encroach into the seats next to me. UGH! I can literally hear my self esteem meter depleting.

It should be no surprise that yesterday I walked towards the seats internally stressing about the discomfort I was about to muster through and calculating how long I’d be able to stand this squeeze and then I fit…. realization sets in


I didn’t have to squeeze at all. I may have even had a little wiggle room.

I still yearn for the approval of that scale, but its glad to know that even when its being rude.. im out here being great!
Thanks for listening!
Starring Courtney
*execution of sprints or suicides is relative.

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