10 Countries You Can Visit Flying Southwest

Southwest Airlines is the largest domestic carrier in the United States serving over 40 cities nationwide not including Puerto Rico and most recently acquired destination Hawaii. Being known for so long as the go to domestic carrier, you may have missed that Southwest has extended its reach. Keeping to their Texan roots they travel to many additional countries and multiple locations that promise sun and fun!

1. Mexico

Right now you have multiple places to land in Mexico. Mexico City [MEX], Puerto Vallarta [PVR], Cabo San Lucas/Los Cabos [SJD], and Cancun [CUN]. Aside from the food Mexico offers a culture of family, beautiful beaches and exciting nightlife. If you are a fan of resorts Mexico offers a wide selection of them to choose from. If you are looking for adventure you can find it there as well in more forms than one.

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2. Belize

You can fly into Belize City [BZE] and land directly in a land of culture and beauty. Here you can experience the history of the ancient Mayan ruins as well as relax on one of the islands in their Cayes (pronounced keys). From cave tubing, snorkeling or even jungle visits Belize is an English speaking place you want to visit. Read about my adventure in the city here.

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3. Jamaica

Its always warm in Montego Bay [MBJ] and SWA can get you there! Wine up your body to the sounds of a Caribbean beat or relax in one of Sandals beautiful bungalows over the blue waters of Montego Bay. No matter what you plan you will leave Jamaica feeling the good vibes but like visiting Denver [DEN] leave some of it there.

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4. Costa Rica

You have two options of arrival in Costa Rica, Liberia [LIR] or San Jose [SJO]. Costa Rica has mastered the art of going green. Restore your chi with a jungle or rainforest retreat or be just like me and relax your days away along the coastline on one of Liberia’s beautiful beaches.

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5. Aruba

To relax on beaches ranked second to none you want to land in Aruba [AUA]. This is a perfect island getaway that’s a part of the ABC islands. Aruba, Bonaire and Curaco. These are islands located beneath the Caribbean hurricane belt. This location assures near perfect weather all year round.

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6. Turks And Caicos

If you’ve been dreaming of white sand make a stop in Turks and Caicos [PLS]. This is a quick hop from Florida. Water sports rule this area and the beaches are plentiful.

Fun fact: The beautiful inhabitants of this island are called ‘belongers.’

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7. Dominican Republic

Despite their political troubles with Haiti, Punta Cana [PUJ] is quite an exciting place to visit. This location is full of fun and adventure where beaches though beautiful, are less of a place of rest and more so a place of fun and play. From zip lining and water repelling; to bars, restaurants and clubs the Dominican Republic is sure to give a good time.

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8. Grand Cayman Island [GCM]

The best way for me to describe The Grand Cayman Islands is white sand and clear water. If you’re brave enough pet the sting rays or enjoy the islands famed rum while you relax in the sand. Don’t forget your water camera because the pictures you’ll get are guaranteed to be priceless.

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9. Bahamas

There are daily nonstop flights into Nassau [NAS]. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention the beauty that is the Atlantis Paradise Island resort or the swimming experience with pigs. English is spoken everywhere in the Bahamas so feel free to go and explore, just make sure you drive on the left side of the street.

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10. Cuba

Finally we have reached Havana [HAV]. Though there are restrictions that Americans have for visiting this nation I say get with a group and go! The vintage cars and night life will keep you entertained while the amazing food and culture keep you coming back.

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Americans largest domestic airline is expanding and adding new locations quicker than we can keep up. Log into your Rapid Rewards account to earn those points and allow Southwest to get you further than you imagined as quickly and easily as their open seating.


*Photos courtesy of Google.

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