Hotel Tips & Tricks #TravelSmart

Lately my traveling adventures have led me to an array of hotels. I stayed in a cool Yotel – a Japanese inspired micro hotel in Boston and even the spacious rooms of a Embassy Suites lately.  I prefer an air b&b (I really have to sign up for noire) but hotels, especially at last minute, come in pretty clutch. Here are a few tips that can assist you in having a good hotel experience! (Shout out to my friends in the hotel industry for confirmation on these tips!)
1) Chat up the front desk – We arrived in Boston 4 hours earlier than check in.  After being advised the early check in fee a great smile and positive attitude motivated the front desk employee to waive said fee and provided an upgraded room without even asking.

A good opener is to ask them if they are sold out. I am told that a fully booked hotel gets front desk employees bonuses as long as they don’t have to send anyone to a new hotel for overbooking. This, if overbooking could be the case allows them to get you a discounted room at an even better hotel to keep you happy and their bonus intact.  If you are in a non-English speaking country (or any other than your native tongue) attempt some words in their language. Before I arrive I always practice, Hello, Thank you, God Bless you and Goodbye! This little effort can get you really far.

Side note: if its a late check in the night auditor is usually who is there and they don’t get these bonuses so extra kindness is needed cause they literally.. just have to be there.

2) Tip the housekeepers, bellmen and valet – Everyone in the hotel talks about the guests who are staying there. I have learned literally ALL OF THEM talk about us.  A small tip for the housekeeper and now you’ve got extra towels in your room. You take care of the valet and you car comes out first.  Also the added benefits from one employee telling about a good deed to another one! In New Orleans, I had a joking conversation with the front desk employees and left my bags before heading out to eat because I was too early to check in. I returned to my bags waiting in my room, facial recognition by the NEXT staff as the original weren’t there and all the extra towels and stuff I wanted because I was nice to one THEY ALL liked me.

Now lets get inside the room:

3) Bed sheets – Always remove the top cover— I am told they rarely wash it. Yikes!

4) Cups –  There are typically glass cups by a sink. DO NOT USE THESE.  They aren’t always clean and sometimes (thanks Dateline NBC) are washed right there where you’re standing. Sometimes in a toilet. The plastic cups are prepackaged and safe.  You can request these from the front desk if they aren’t there.

and after you’re all slept and done:

5) Late Checkout – I need to point out that smile again here and how good news spreads.  If you have already established a good report they are typically happy to allow at check out guidelines. Once in Chicago I stayed as late as 4o clock just because I was tired and wanted a nap!

Here is a bonus:

6) Rates – Did you know that the front desk employees have access to discounts. They do not receive commission for how much you pay. They are rewarded for the stay period so the discounts benefit them because it gets you to come back. At check out ask for discounts for future stays and spend that money somewhere else!

Happy Hotel Hopping friends!




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