I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.2)


I can’t be afraid to place my personality in written form. If they don’t get it THEY WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO

It’s a numbers game. You gotta have a whole lot cause they fall off so don’t depend solely on Hinge!

Plenty of Fish has too many fish //Uninstall//


“This is my opening line ————— 👀🤣” somehow isn’t always funny… weird

Unmatching is not the end of the world. We don’t know him.. we were never his friend

A rail engineer is a nice way of saying I DRIVE THE DART TRAIN 😲

If he is self employed at self employed HE AINT GOT NO JOB MAN!!

I haven’t gone on any dates but I did finally give my number to one who actually seems nice. I’ll let you know how that progresses!

Oh… pats myself on the back because for 10 minutes I allowed him to tell me all about L.A. and universal studios and all places I know very well and didn’t interrupt or upstage. It was his exciting experience and I enjoyed it (kinda)

Three weeks left!


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