I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.3)

Online Dating Update:
is this week 3.. also I cried.. just two tears tho)
This is looooong. I been busy!

We learned that my sister in law swipes all the darker black men and X skinned individuals left smh…

🗣There was off app contact!!

The first one called and he was polite. Ambitious but a little cocky. It felt like he was overcompensating but I don’t know what for cause I have no idea who he was. We talked for about 30 minutes but then I had to go (I had made it to my destination) I told him it was cool if he’d call back.

He never called back..

The second guy was fun and thankfully he was a texter! He didn’t send good morning texts he had some content and was very funny! He scheduled time for drinks and even a follow up after cause he was positive that he’d make it to round two! I happily obliged. When I mentioned that I don’t drink alcohol however he never texted back.

Maybe he fell into a coma???

The third guy asked if we could meet for drinks specifically Jamba Juice. Someone must’ve tipped him off. We met Friday and he seemed exceptionally confident about everything except what he did. He was a financial advisor however he worked in a call center w no name for 8 years and had no plans of more. He even stated that there was a manager position opening up and he… surely didn’t want it. He hated it there. He was cute and a great height but he allowed me to pay for my own juice…. he walked me to my car and don’t open the door.. nah

He doesn’t need to call me back..

Saturday guy invited me to the Farmers Market in Dallas but he was running late. He let me know well in advance and I was all I’m heading to Grapevine mall meet me there then! (He was in Denton) We met at Chipotle cause he was hungry and he was sweet. Had my food waiting for me… was very friendly but seemed kinda sweet.. he is from Arkansas so that could be it but he just felt… sweet. We talked for 2 hours before Baby Quincy called so I ended the meeting. He said he will call me again and maybe we can play some video games… he loves video games

I’m on the fence here…

Sunday guy was awesome online. Engaging but not too much. Replies came at a decent rate. And he asked if we can meet for a date tonight. He lives in Euless me in Irving so we met in the middle at the bowling alley. Well we were supposed to.. He didn’t show up and it hurt my feelings cause..

I’ve never been rejected before and everybody like me (who likes themselves)

So I let two thug tears out for the wasted time moved on.

Online dating is weird…


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