I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.4)

Week 4 Online Dating Update:

The dude who ghosted me after I said I didn’t drink came back…. I was like nah fam. I’m good. He like I’m sorry let’s try again. I’m like nah fam. Lose this number so I don’t have to block it cause I don’t want to start using that feature.

He texted a few times after and got the point from my lack of response

Hard pass.

The one I talked on the phone with for 30 minutes but not face to face is asking for face time. I don’t have it to give and he seems understanding. He texted me pics of himself and also his nieces and nephews. He is big on family and would like to hang when I come back from Zanzibar… okay.. maybe

I swiped on a guy I am not interested in romantically from sight but intellectually. See, his profile stated this his occupation was in stem cell something or another. He is a scientist yet he was a Christian. I wanted to know how he reconciles his belief in Christ with science and he is an awesome conversationalist! I have been talking to him daily and he is super dope… it’s all on the app I haven’t gotten off yet..

Imma disappear on him tho.. I just wanted the knowledge

A new guy has appeared and he is pretty cool! He consults for some firm downtown and is only in town for a current project! He lives in LA and asked if maybe he can fly me there and that can be our official hangout…

Probably I’ll let y’all know.

None of the face to faces have called since we met… it’s for the best. I didn’t like them.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Got some really good advice from my cousin Pooh! Gonna apply it and tell you guys how it works later!

A few more matches that come and go like the wind and one who REALLY wants to spend time. He’s too aggressive. Feels a little too “She puts the lotion on the skin” for me..

This week wasn’t too interesting

Next week will be delayed cause I will be in Zanzibar. We will continue upon return!!

I think I’m getting better at this online dating… or I’ve started not to care…


Still your girl,


Starring Courtny

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