I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.5)

Whew! Okay guys this update has a lot of activity. Hold tight!

No one that I have had a face to face with has followed up still. This is absolutely okay. Seriously. (I wonder what they told their friends about me)

The one that I was interested in and decided to meet face to face later did a good job of checking in before and after my trip to Zanzibar. He texted me that he would be heading to Cancun the day I got back and we would be passing each other but he texted when he departed and landed… then I haven’t heard from him since.. do I double respond??? What’s the protocol here cause I kinda think I can like this one… even if feel like he may be wearing colored contacts. He can take those out right?

There is a second guy who I exchanged numbers with who is absolutely sweet. His conversations are great and he doesn’t hit me with good mornings but yesterday he asked if he could play with my toes…


I don’t care. I dont care. Too weird too fast.

Guy who ghosted me came back.. I was like hey bruh.. didn’t like the ghosting so imma pass. He is all come on give me a second chance and I ignored it cause 🗣I SAID WHAT I SAID!

A week later he texts again and I hit him with the “who this?” he laughs. Apologizes and asks for another try. He was just feeling insecure. Okay sure, I’m hanging with some friends come through to which he replies can you come closer to me? I did not reply as I wasn’t supposed to be replying anyway. Later that night he texts that he really just wanted me close so he’d be able to convince me to let him &$@8/!:)/@


next day he finds me on IG and asks if I can unblock him. So I block him on IG too (knocks dust from feet)

There’s another guy in the mix here but I seem to have forgotten him… Yikes

I swiped in Qatar and boy was I popular up there 😂 #WassupMohammedbut seriously where was that going? I am not about to be wife number 5 regardless of the amount of gold (repeats that to self 🤣😂)

Swiping in Zanzibar was HILARIOUS! They were all locals and well… they were real locally 🤷🏽‍♀️
Now I did run in to some cuties that volunteered to take care of me if I chose to move there and marry them but… it’s easy when you don’t have an electric bill and know what I require

Electricity so…

Then I swiped in Houston and immediately I realized why this app was created! The options!! Right swipe after right swipe after another! Whoa!

I got a lot of great matches but I weeded them quickly

Has two many kids (oh I spelled that right!)
Doesn’t want kids
Says wyd
Is definitely older than his pics posted!
Super militant
You know… the usual never minds

And came out with one guy named David. He has earned a name. He is the regional director for my bffs favorite store (Crystal J. Davis I filed a complaint for you about that ‘plus’) he is seemingly kind. Texts well. Serves in his community and is all around awesome… so far.

I’ll keep you updated!

Whew! This is getting interesting!

Im gonna stick with this a bit…



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