I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.6)

When we first started this adventure my text game as Larry described it was drrrryyy!! I believe that 150 or so interactions in that I’ve got this down!

Seriously I get a lot of matches but they either fall off, wanna play w my feet, rub my booty, don’t have a job, don’t speak English or just fall off.

Those conversations are quick and painless!

But not as painless as these Facebook dating options. THESE YALL PEOPLE?!! I guess I’m not the only one who has to say “don’t date my cousins 🤣😂

Let’s finish the old…

So I did the double text to ol guy who came back from vacation that I liked and he was appreciative! (Thanks for the advice) But then he fell off again. The double text is not gonna be a reoccurring thing so let’s nix him from the list.

No worries tho there was a new guy that I had great conversations with online and he seemed pretty legit! We were preparing for a face to face and he said “I think you’re dope and I feel like you’re looking for a travel partner and I’m him.”

I’m like nah bruh. I have a travel partner I’m online for a husband and kids… haven’t heard from him since

(Too strong?? 🤷🏽‍♀️)

Then there was David!! The favorite from last update! We really liked David so much that he got a name..


okay okay that’s cool. I understand the innanets are a dangerous place. Safety first so I didn’t trip but one night while texting I asked to see his face…

Now I am not a fan of pics and if you ask for one I will stop texting you immediately so this is abnormal behavior for me but something inside was like.. see his face.. so I asked

He sent me an old picture of himself. It was a live photo so I could see him place it on a table and snap it. I’m like… nah fam the face that’s on your body! Let me see that one!

Then I wait..

And wait…

And over an hour later he sends me a selfie from his car…

But he was just in the house…

So I asked like.. should I feel weird about the length of time it took you to locate your face? You had to put ya wig on? Lol! (Cause I get that)

His reply..

“I thought you were different! I don’t do insecure women” I can’t send pics while on the phone (forgetting that he sent one)

And just like that BOOM! David is gone cause he lying! I’m not sure what about but he is terrible at it and dang!!

I liked that one. Probably somebody husband smh

I did a few extra swipes after David cause (its a numbers game) and ended up with a guy who has a fire YouTube channel about Nigerian American culture. We will meet this week and I’ll let you know what’s up

And also another guy from Temple. We bonded real quick over our love for karaoke and his song selection was fire!

It was strange how much we have in common interest wise! He is a graphic designer and I like him!

He is coming up this week for a conference but I’ll be out of town so we have plans to meet the weekend after and see if we like each other in real life.

Oh and there was a guy at game night I thought was cute.. I’ll let you know if something transpires lol!!

Whew! Y’all!

Starring Courtny


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