I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.7)

I felt it appropriate to share an [Online Dating Update] since tomorrow is Halloween and I been hit with a GHOST!

I want to first shout out all the men who read this. I get so many DMs, text and face to face support from y’all and I thank you!

Especially when you confirm that I am not trippin! Lol!

This weeks swipes have brought upon new matches but they don’t talk back conversationally. It’s more of a hey you cute and runs away type of situation I’m currently dealing with. I guess it’s safer than last weeks R Kelly-esque Feeling on yo booty requests…

I never met with the a Nigerian YouTuber. He was affected by the tornado and I promptly agreed that he had other priorities.

Last weeks new found swipe from Temple, TX almost had a name this week! He was so sweet. Didn’t send good morning texts. Instead “just made it to the office. Hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you tonight” messages

We talked every day and had so much in common! I high key anticipated his calls every evening. Like clock work my phone rang at 10 which before typing this message didn’t seem suspicious.

This past Sunday he was supposed to come up so we could go to dinner and hang around Dallas for a day but… he never reached back out.

The day before we talked and laughed about his Halloween costume. We ended the conversation with funny emoji faces and…

He was gone

Disappeared (like a fart in the wind)

Now I did double text after. (Y’all said that was cool…) One to poke my head in and say hey and yesterday saying I hope all is well on his end.. I checked the app and he unmatched us so I’m guessing he found another boo closer.

We could’ve been something… 🤷🏽‍♀️

So back to swiping! The matches are getting scarce and I’m starting to believe that this may not be it when I came across a gentlemen w a slightly wordy but intriguing profile. It didn’t hurt that he was attractive as well!

Swipe right it is!

Hours later my phone rumbles with an alert that I have been matched and I get a call from him..

The app allows you to make phone calls through it preserving the persons number and this man had the nerve to call me..

As he commuted home on the bus..

From Irving to Wilmer Hutchins

Where he lived with his sister and her kids

Which allowed him to stack his paper for his record label

Cause not only can he produce he can rap, write and sing…

I can’t make this up friends..

I answered assuming it was a SPAM call that needed to be blocked and I was greeted with a mans voice.

“hey Partner”

I was initially confused as to what I was answering as he explained the apps abilities and that he just had to call and for forty minutes I listened..

He belongs to the hottest group in Dallas called Southern Made Hustlers

His mama was born in a field so he is a real country boy

100% Indian but nobody going to college and it’s too hard to get benefits.

He is about to be rich

That he’d like me to respect him and that he is only here for loyalty not like the last woman he met who suggested he not wear joggers as if he can control the size of his penis…

Without any prompting from me this man told me his whole life before thirty of my silent minutes in stated, tell me about you?

I answered that I love to travel internationally and he abruptly cut me short and explained to me that the reason why I was traveling internationally was because I was on a spiritual journey. That I am looking for myself and trying to figure out what I believe cause that’s the only reason why women travel 👀

And somehow he then pivoted into my confusion about being African American as the original descendants on the U.S. were black not Native American???

I sat on the phone wondering… how did I get here.

Don’t read that in Deborah Cox singing voice cause it wasn’t beautiful.. it was a confusing space of how do I stop this yet be polite

Cause y’all I’m polite!

And it wasn’t until he announced that the female voice I was about to hear was his sisters voice of whom he stays with and then ASKED HER FOR TEN DOLLARS that I told him that I enjoyed his call and intro into his life however, I had to go.

I learned my lesson. I won’t answer that number again. Now I have to figure out how to nicely tell him to stop texting me since he does so every day..

Whew! Y’all pray for my husband cause WHERE IS HE?!

Starring Courtny


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