I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.8)

I got hit up by a single mother bruh… you can’t make this up!

[Another Online Dating Post]

So online dating has not gotten any less strange. Aside from a woman w a fade and a vest I have come across some major No’s this week as I expanded my filters to allow an intake of a bit more.

And y’all…. there is danger in expanding them filters! I had not seen so many “I am an alpha male and if you can’t handle that swipe lefts” and that’s exactly what I did cause I know an Ike when I read it!

It also opened me up to a few of y’all… is it rude to swipe left on a Facebook friend?

Asking for a friend 😏

In a quick recap the guy from Temple never resurrected. I was kinda sad for a bit about it cause he was so sweet but he was fun while it lasted.

I didn’t have the heart to block dude from Wilmer Hutchins that lived with his sister so he could stack his paper for his record label. I even responded a few times but he apparently got bored when I wasn’t trying to come to his shows and to see him…

2019 Courtney at a house party in Pleasant Grove… 🤦🏽‍♀️🤣😆

A generous week of swiping it was for me as I opened my mind with less rigorous filters:

Maybe he could be a little shorter than me..
Maybe if he has a kid it’s not that bad..

I started negotiating… maybe I should just get my first cat???

Currently I am textually in contact w a few men.

First up is Frankie. That’s not his real name and he didn’t earn a special spot but I have a date with him tomorrow afternoon. He is my exact height. Works as a scientist (skeptical face) He has a great online personality and seems polite. He speaks 5 languages and of them English is NOT his greatest!

I’ll let you know how this works out!

Then there’s J. The brand strategist by day/ DJ by night who was adamant that he wanted me to be as upfront as possible with him and when I did.

“Bruh I am only here cause I’m trying to get married, travel the world and have some kids.. wassup?!”

He admitted that maybe he didn’t want it so clearly 🤷🏽‍♀️

Next up Rell! That’s his real name. Rell is absolutely sweet. He asks great questions and answers in detail. He is connected with his feelings and is.. get this..

Looking for someone to start over with as he is currently preparing to exit a marriage

Whet? Rell didn’t need me he needed a therapist and a friend!

Then there was Donald. Donald presented himself to me as if he was the best thing smoking. His braggadocios remarks were along the lines of
He pays his bills.
Has a job.
Has been to Miami.
His friends own their own homes.
His kids are by one woman.

Apparently it was rude that I referred to these accomplishments as basic… but were they not??!

Oh and Dee!! Dee was amazing! He was bright! Engaging! Everything he wrote made me smile! He was selling himself to me and boy was I buying! He was actually based in Miami. He consulted for a medical company and that had him in Dallas temporarily and when I didn’t want to see where the night takes us.. Dee was done.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Lastly there is Kevin! I swiped on Kevin on accident. Though they have an inclination for me I stay away from the hard bodied men. They just aren’t comfortable.. looking or feeling lol!

We have a date set up as soon as he returns from some body building competition this weekend. Updates when it happens!

It could always be worse. A friend of mine was texting w a man online who asked if he could come over…. cause frfr a brother just needed to do his laundry!

Y’all!! Till the next episode!!



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