I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep.10)

He asked me if we can consider ourselves a couple..  Don’t get too excited!!

I asked that we table it.

[Online Dating Update]

This past week was quite the sampler platter of interactions.  Not the good sampler where you ordered it as a meal cause they were all delicious. More like one that you buy for the table cause everybody liked something different and this best fit the needs of the entire group.

I kept the majority of my swiping to Facebook since the selection had improved and the mutual friend factor makes me feel a bit more comfortable.  There was a bit of biting on Bumble and apparently I had swiped through all of my range options on Hinge. The selections have been more favorable yet… strange.

The trouble is that I don’t know if the strange one is them… or me…

Mr lets get allll the way to making plans before disappearing came back with a “Good Morning beautiful.” I didn’t reply. He is not serious.

Then there was Mr “World Traveler.”  Please read within the quotation marks with all of the shade you can muster because this man was unable to speak to any of the places he had been outside of Vegas and then ghosted me. It was obvious that he had NOT been anywhere outside of Vegas and was simply mentioning international destinations to gain my interest.

Mr “Im seperated” keeps popping back in and thinks that he can get around me not being interested in someones else legal husband by being friends but its clear, I am not in the market for a male friend. I already have one. He isn’t perfect but I choose and love every aspect of him over everyone.

Momentary Rant: I am so sick and tired of Potters House men. There is a 100% chance that if the men attend the potters house they are flaky. They have way too high self esteem and balance a size able chip on their shoulder. I try! I mean… it would be great since I myself am a member (Ft WORTHHHHH!) but whew..  Rant over. 

Then there is the “Needy Nigerian.” That sounds so rude. It does, and I cringe but he tricked me. Online he was cool, calm and collected.  Our conversations were smooth and we had a lot of common interests however; as soon as I gave him my number it became texts every hour on the hour. The first thing he did was locate me on whats app and send me 34 pictures documenting his family. Then he immediately laid his background in front of me and expected that we now knew each other so let’s proceed. This was followed closely by calls and messages and prayers in my voicemail. I had agreed to meet up with him when he texted me before the meeting:

My heart beats with the anticipation of seeing you face to face even if just one time” which to me sounded exactly like “she puts the lotion on the skin or else she gets the hose again” so i cancelled it. I know a potential Criminal Minds episode when I hear it.

and last but certainly not least is Mr Family Man.  Yes he is still around annnnd.. I like it.

Its good for me but not good for you because I cant keep reporting back once I make a commitment cause you know.. that doesn’t make for a healthy relationship.  Also its easy to write about the other men because they are going nowhere fast but this one…

I like this one

and he likes ME! (Insert freak out)

This like draws me further into the unknown space of next and oooh whee! This is unfamiliar land. Is there a How To Reciprocate Interest for Dummies?

your girl is awkwaaaard!

I like when he comes around and I wanna greet him eagerly and maybe even hold his hand (but I don’t)

When he texts me it makes me happy (I ain’t saying that tho)

In the last fifteen days we have intentionally hung four times. I don’t know if we can call these dates per-say, but these times together have allowed us to see how we operate in public and in private.  I’ve received invite to spend the holiday with his family and have been welcomed into his life and would love to establish my space in that place but…

I am stuck wondering if there is more that I need to know before I make a decision. His favorite color, what he wanted to be as a kid (though I could guess),  fruit loops or frosted flakes? Do these things even matter, cause to him they do not and does any of it matter if I have decided to choose him?

Cause I like him.

And I don’t know how to quantify it. I just do.

Chris Brown is gonna have to stop making love songs about me soon…

Starring Courtny


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