I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep. 11)

What’s your favorite drink?

Him: Your bathwater…

[Online dating update]

Thankfully the guy above was not messaging me. This is one of the stories that I got from a friend who sends me hilarious screenshots from dating gone wrong. The most recent one was of a guy asking her for money. The text went as follows:

Him: Can i borrow some money?
Her: I don’t have it. You know any other time I would but i don’t have it right now, I’m sorry.
Him: No need to apologize. My sources are short here so I thought I’d ask.  I know you got it tho.
Her: You don’t know what I have…
Him: I don’t mess with them kind of people. You live at work. You got it. You just don’t trust me.

Ya’ll I am not making this up. I cannot imagine lending a man from any of these sites money let alone one asking me for some! Tuh.

But yall not here for that..

Let’s talk about Daniel then. Daniel was my neighbor at Grand Venetian Las Colinas back in 2010. He was the best neighbor I ever had. We actually met by me knocking on his door one early morning cause my car wouldn’t start and demanding that he help. I knew a man lived there and I fully expected him to have the skills to fix my car problem.  His face was perplexed, rightfully so as he had moved in 2 months earlier and I hadn’t spoken one word to him.  I didn’t need him then. But here I was at 7am like “I am the girl next door and I have a ‘man’ problem – solve it.”

That morning Daniel jumped my car, reminded me to wear gloves and sent me to work with a hug.  We have been cool ever since.

Throughout the years he texts me so that we never become strangers and lately started texting with questions about dating me. He requests possible hangouts, dinner and meeting his family; all of which I deny. I am not interested in wasting his time.  Daniel is the type of guy that texts “hey you want to hang out tomorrow evening” and in five minutes says.. “Ok never mind” before I even had the chance to respond that I was busy.

I don’t have time for that.. and he isn’t who you’re here for.

Well, we have T. Owins. Somehow he came across my page on Instagram which isn’t strange. My stories get so much attention that they have earned sponsorship requests and have given me access to events I don’t attend because IG Courtney is way cooler than the real thing. This man found an interest and continually reaches out to see how my day is. I am not convinced that he isn’t someone that I know in real life attempting to have me on an episode of Catfish so I casually interact with him but I definitely strong arm any attempts for this “Haitian man in Miami” to get to know me.

There were a few additional men who got a bit of my textual attention but didn’t hold it long enough for me to keep responding. My excuse is the busyness of the Holidays..

Still.. that’s not what you’re here for. Because of a photo with hands on hips you aren’t concerned about these other men or the fact that I shocked myself realizing that I had gold digger potential when a man handed me his metal Centurion aka Black Card and my mind told me morals were fluid. (chuckles) It only lasted a few moments…

You’re here to see if i decided to keep Mr. Family guy.. is that what we called him?


I did…

We have shared interests for our community and are both introverted extroverts which makes it easy for us to exist in crowds or alone.. together.

He can cook. My goodness he can cook and he loves to which is terrible for my tummy but great for my heart.

He cares about my day and willingly shares his with me. He explains his daily activities in programming so masterfully that I feel like they are tasks that I can complete.

He respects my beliefs and me.

I explained that I was not attending a work Christmas party because it’s something that I typically did w my best friend who was no longer my best friend and the memory would sadden me. He challenged me to start a new tradition and escorted me. When I requested to stop at every photo booth and took pictures incessantly he was not bothered. When I asked how he felt about social media he made one request…

Tag me.

He is unlike any man that I have dated prior and it is all a learning experience that I’d like to share with you.. but not today. Today I am daily monitoring myself against self sabotaging this potentially amazing relationship while carefully navigating dating someone with more responsibilities than I have ever had and balancing keeping my individual self while considering the needs of someone that I may care about in a deeper way one day… forever.

eh.. but what do I know.

I went into this expecting to come across a serial killer and the chance still exists.





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