I Hate Being Poor!

My mama loves the Goodwill store and I haaaaate it! I remember spending Saturday mornings in this store feeling completely tortured. My mom, happily sorting through racks and racks and RACKS of stuff that people OBVIOUSLY didn’t want while I sat huffing on one of the dusty chairs that should be simply thrown away!

God forbid one of my friends and their mothers came in and spotted me there! I could just hear all the kids at school laughing because I was POOOR! Yes, I had more outfits than days of the school year but where did they come from?? Gross!

Now a days we call this thrifting. All the cool cats and kittens love to hit up the local thrift stores in search of “vintage” finds. There are sites dedicated to it. There are stores that cater to these finds and up-charge for it. We sing songs about “popping tags,” but we didn’t shop there because we were cool. We shopped there because we could easily afford it.

This week as I, thirty nine year old Courtney, pushed a basket behind my mommy in her favorite store (yes we are still talking about the Goodwill) and feigning interest in the items before me I observed the other families there.

Little boys and girls who ransacked the toy section happily observing their broken toy of choice with eager eyes. Little girls twirling in circles at the chance of their mom saying “yes to the dress” and one girl specifically who was of middle school age. She was preparing her new school year of outfits. She had a basket full and with bright eyes told her mom that she was “soooo expensive” without an ounce of sarcasm

She was legit happy to be there!!!

I wondered for a moment what it would have been like had my mom had that in me for a daughter. Had I not been so distraught over someone else’s “treasures” that I would have been able to enjoy the YEARS that we spent there shopping. If I didn’t have a specific disgust towards other peoples stuff.

So I gave it a try and learned…. that my mommy knew what the hell she was doing!

As she searched the isles she paid close attention to the stitching and design. She knew when something was in style. She knew every brand name and what store they originated from.

That’s a Target brand

Those come from JC Penny’s

That’s a designer from New York he was on the show…

She knew which brands ran small. Which materials would shrink or wrinkle. She could eye a dress from afar and know what brand it was and there was no need for her to try anything on. She knew exactly how it was going to fit.

I challenged this many times. Looking at items and knowing that my size eight of a mother (who wears a 12 because she’s an adult and refuses to wear child sizes) couldn’t fit them and her sliding into them and the fit being absolutely perfect.

My mama wasn’t shopping at the Goodwill for me because it’s all we could afford. She was shopping and is still shopping here because she has the skill and expertise to find what’s right for her and SMARTLY at the right price.

Many times we overlook what’s really happening because it doesn’t come with the appearance of what we find good or right.

Many times we feel like middle school Courtney and disregard a great opportunity because it doesn’t come wrapped in our preconceived expectations.

I hate being poor, and obviously the poor ness was in my way of thinking. Not my mamas pockets.

Lord I pray that you forgive me for all the blessings that I fumbled because I didn’t have the eyes to see what a blessing it really was. Please open my eyes to see!

This weekend I think I’ll take mommy on a tour of her favorite stores around town and let her ball out! How could I not. It’s only $3.99 for this dress!!


My life is like a movie,

Starring Courtny

Update: Mom danced at the chance to do a Goodwill tour this weekend! She’s way too excited!

Also, her mom taught her these skills. In the beginning she hated this too!


One Reply to “I Hate Being Poor!”

  1. Aww, Courtney! This is so beautiful. It was the message I needed to hear today… Thank you!!
    Also, when you make it back to Texas, we’re taking a trip to Goodwill. I would be humbled by the opportunity to learn how to thrift from you!

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