More Paige’s Than A Book… a series (ep. 1)

“You have a collect call from Karl Paige an inmate at Love Lock correctional facility.”

I immediately pressed 1 to begin the promptings that started the call and then pressed add call. I had answered this call many times before and knew that I had about 4 seconds while the computerized woman gave the prompts and warnings of the potential incoming call.

I quickly searched for and dialed my contact Renee Toussiant Paige. I called and allowed the phone to ring but then hung up. I knew I had to go back to press 1 to use the same credit card as usual. As I used the prompts to pay for this call I saw Renee calling me back. Good.. the call had gone through and his phone is in hand. I declined his call and  finished the prompts that allowed me to hear my fathers voice.

“Hey baby!”

“Daddy hold on!”

Before he could respond I added a call again and Renee answered immediately. “Renee please hold!” I then merged the call.

Karl meet Renee, Renee meet Karl…. your brother.

The confused hellos on the phone quickly diminished to gentle wows…  I pressed mute and gave myself a high five.


I had managed to unite the two oldest sons of Karl Herbert Paige Sr.

My father has never met a Paige that he didn’t create.

His father was assumed to have passed away when he was an infant so our bloodline existed of My youngest brother, my father and I.

A few years back he became interested in ancestry and finding whom he belonged to. Having established a part of my personality in being a nomad with no roots I had no interest in this new hobby of his until one day in late January when in a series of explosions who I knew who I was fell apart.

Or did it come together.. To be continued


My life is like a movie

Starring Courtney


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