My Roomate Stole My Car

Dude! Wheres my car? This episode is one that is even hard us at the Spiel to believe. Listen in as @Starringcourtny describes the time in which a roommate crossed a boundary that you'd never believe and sold... her car. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

Life Requires Balance

  Ken is a favorite to the Spiel. In this episode he describes growing up in polar opposite parental environments and how it helped him grow into the amazing man that we know him as today. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

Byrons ‘Oprah Winfrey Moment’

  Grade school is often referred to as the wonder years. These years define our self worth and solidify perceptions. Listen in as Byron recounts his first experience with a white woman in what he defines as his "Oprah Winfrey Moment". The Spiel Released A New Episode!

I Started New Years On The Block

  In movies, New Years Eve is a night dreams are made of. Glitz, glamour and stolen kisses that lead to a lifetime of love. The first time @StarringCourtny celebrated NYE this was NOT the case. Let's just say it was.. interesting. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

Dinner with the KKK

Growing up black in a city over run by the Ku Klux Klan sounds terrifying but not for Haitian descendant Fitz. Listen as he describes his up close and personal experience with his next door neighbor, The grand wizard, and how it has impacted his thoughts on race relations even today. The Spiel Released A …


This Ain’t No Magic School Bus was established to share travel stories, tips and tricks. This weeks podcast covers them all with a story of FIRSTS. First time solo international travel, first time on the worlds longest flight,¬† first time on an airbus. From take off to landing this will intrigue. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

My Cousin Tried to Drown Me

  Life and death experiences by means of those we love are typically not forgotten. This weeks episode is a quick listen and an example of just that. Bend your ear as @StarringCourtny recounts her near death exposure at the hands of her best friend....cousin. The Spiel Released A New Episode!