My Roomate Stole My Car

Dude! Wheres my car? This episode is one that is even hard us at the Spiel to believe. Listen in as @Starringcourtny describes the time in which a roommate crossed a boundary that you'd never believe and sold... her car. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

I Started New Years On The Block

  In movies, New Years Eve is a night dreams are made of. Glitz, glamour and stolen kisses that lead to a lifetime of love. The first time @StarringCourtny celebrated NYE this was NOT the case. Let's just say it was.. interesting. The Spiel Released A New Episode!

So I Think I Joined A Gang!?

  "The sun went down when I hit Slauson - on my way to the strip, now I'm just flossing!" @StarringCourtny's first time in Los Angeles was memorable for many things. From a pedicure at the infamous Slauson swap meet to FatBurgers. This trip turned into an experience only L.A. could provide when she stopped …


My Cousin Tried to Drown Me

  Life and death experiences by means of those we love are typically not forgotten. This weeks episode is a quick listen and an example of just that. Bend your ear as @StarringCourtny recounts her near death exposure at the hands of her best friend....cousin. The Spiel Released A New Episode!