Whoa! I’m in South Africa!

cp1South Africa day 1 was pretty tame!! (We got here after dark so no pics) the plane ride was great. We had THEE BEST crew on Delta DL200 from ATL. we didn’t get that first class upgrade but we got all the gifts and our own row!! Rental car pickup went off without a hitch and it turns out that I am a beast at driving on the other side of the road! #Whaaaaat felt so natural. Oh and the speedometer says I’m going 100 but it’s really just like 50 or so!! Our air b&b is so cute and cozy. Gated fence leads us to the home around a garden and some steps! #WeFancy We drove around a little and came across a 6th Street type scene. Parked and ended up at a cool little restaurant called Poppy’s. Everybody came in dancing. Actually everywhere people were dancing to different music. They just love to dance and are goooood at it!! Afrikaans (white Africans) have rhythm.. come on white friends that’s not an excuse anymore! 😂😂
The food was seasoned so well! One guy however walked to make and said your food looks so good I want some (he was a dancing patron) I look at him like he is silly and he says give me these then eats some of my food off of MY FORK!!

Today I learned about boundaries 😔

Tomorrow the awesomeness begins!! Soweta tribe tour!!!!


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