Dear Chrisette, from a friend.  

I’m not on social media right now but I hear that it’s dragging you.  Apparently you’re gonna sing at the inauguration for…  Trump.  There are a lot of people super upset and I wanted to possibly explain why to you.  

See Trumps campaign,  outwardly had a base centered in disapproval for people who look like you.  It was covered in biases (thats the pc word for prejudice) that painted you and I as uneducated,  simple minded and not worthy of the same respect and rights of other Americans.  I say outwardly because internally we know people who look like me and you influence many of their decisions,  it’s just that their bias against us won’t let them admit this.  

Many of my women friends don’t understand how as a woman you can choose to ‘show’  support for a man that jokes about inappropriate sexual advances.  A man whose behaviors don’t exhibit equality but dominance.   Whose words make for women,  this country dangerous.  You don’t have to dig very far to locate a child rape case only dropped cause the victim felt telling made their life,  unsafe

Let’s say..  Hypothetically of course [Lyfe Jennings]  that our worst fears are realized  during Trumps presidency.  A reduction in democratic  institutions occurs, escalated persecution of minority groups, a military and naturalist prevail. Then you,  beautiful one,  are attached to that.  

Now,  on the same hand he could turn around and surprise us and be exactly what our country needs.  Of course you’d want to be associated with that…  But the odds… 

The odds don’t look good.  

Tonight my friend Pierre made a great point.  We have associates and dare I say friends who voted Trump. We don’t persecute them!?  We work for businesses whose owners voted Trump!?  That didn’t stop us from working.   Why for you (and I hear Steve Harvey)  so much scrutiny? 

It’s because it’s not just you but  Us that you’re representing.  The potential dangers of this presidency,  we will not take sitting and in compliancy.  We choose to stand strong and resilient.  We choose to build and create.  We  choose to connect and strengthen and certainly not be pure entertainment… 

If I had my way [read that in your voice] this letter wouldn’t be written because we lived in a county enveloped by…Peace.  Division didn’t exist and people wouldn’t have to lie and say they don’t see color because we celebrated diversity.  We’d love unconditionally and take care of each other as a community.  Not just our neighborhoods but our entire country. 

That’s not where we are though and someone is definitely gonna call me a socialist hippie… I dont even fully understand it but..  Maybe.  

Today however I support you in what I hope is you getting your money (I researched..  In desperation for artists they’re paying. :Update: you received 270k)  and pray that it makes it back to better you and your entire community. 

Just putting it out there you can always sow to me!                                                       $StarringCourtny                                           

I’m good ground

With love, 

Starring Courtny 


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