Here’s To The Beautiful Ones. (Senegal) 

When I walk it’s confident. 

I take long strides. Even when I’m lost I walk with direction and purpose. I ooze excellence and dare I say pride. I need you to know that I am happy with who I am and you should want to be me. This girl has got it together.  

This is the perception I must provide bc as a plus size girl I am often looked upon as less than in America due to size alone. 

This changes when I am in other countries as there I am only seen as American. Not fat, not black just.. American and this confidence can be seen as cockiness… a sign that I feel as if I am better than those in the developing country I am visiting and I can tell you with all the experience that I have… 

That I am not. 

Though being American gives me access to the resources it does NOT give me access to the heart I have seen abroad. During my solo travels I have been transported in the most humble of cars. Eaten the most delicious foods at the warmest tables. Had the most touching conversations and simply held the hands of the world most beautiful people. This blog is just to show you the faces of some that I met in Senegal. 


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