‘Cause Clothes Come Off

I got naked the other day*

…  and by naked I don’t mean open and transparent naked. 

I don’t mean peacock strut to the bathing pools at spa castle naked.  

I mean Netflix and Chill, hold the Netflix naked. 

Stops to think if I have any kids on my Facebook page… 

Kids don’t read…  

Moving on.. 

Don’t you wanna know the rest of that story?   I bet..  Did she make it out purity in tact?  Wait,  is she ‘pure’? Why would she place her self in that position?  Is Courtney even saved?  She can’t possibly love the Lord!?  Maybe she just playing with us… 

Hold your judgements and assumptions for later.  This isn’t about that day*. More so what opened me to it,  so now that I have your attention lets begin again. 

(steps on soap box)  


I’m old!  Like,  not mad old but old enough for someone to say “Your uterus is jumping”  and instead of hitting them w a Juliette Ross stay out of mine I be like….  Yes, it needs a baby in there. 

I know what you’re thinking…  Babies dont even travel well!  And I knooooow but do you remember what they come with. A WHOLE husband and a home of people to love,  and touch and cherish forever. 

 Dream much. I do.  

Let’s take a moment to be real and admit that it’s haaaard to be a single Christian woman..  With her morality intact.  

The devil makes em tall and fyne.  They remember your favorite color.  Let you beat them at dominoes (unless it’s me cause I really am a beast)  they listen when  you talk and FOR CONTENT!  

Everybody else is doing it.  Literally, and they still blessed.  Bae AND baby before marriage and then went to church and they salvation in tact!

Why do I have to live holy?  Isn’t forgiveness mine to ask?  

I know some amazingly talented men.  Gifted,  professional,  encouraging,  handsome men but I can tell you that there ain’t nothing like the real thing baby. 

Did you sing that last line too? 

The enemy may duplicate the look but will never be able to match the safety and security that Christ provides.  His word is true for those who believe and  WE SHALL REAP,  if we faint not! 







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