Cause my mommy is my baby…  

My mommy said she’s sick today and that terrifies me.  Partially because I’m mad dramatic but also cause she too old to be sick and…  It’s my mommy. 

And my mommy never gets sick. She doesn’t allow germs into her vicinity. 

She’s the woman who always has her mouth and nose covered in public places. She’s the woman who covers everything in bleach.  She won’t visit a gym because 

“If they HAVE to give you bottles to wipe all the germs that’s no place I will ever be! They KNOW they nasty!” 

No cruise ships, no spas,  and Lord protect you from her eye daggers lest you be on her plane and sneeze!  Ain’t nothing she hates more than shared air! 

When we were little we didn’t get sick.  Not because we were the epitome of healthy but because we weren’t allowed to be.  I was afraid to cough.  I knew as soon as she heard it be kicked out in the streets! 

That probably wasn’t true,  but I’d seen it for company… And today my mommy,  my precious baby isnt feeling well and it’s got me full of all kinds of feelings.  

I know she will get better.  I know she’s alright but all the feels that her sad face showed me has me upset inside.  Have you ever not seen my mommy smile?  She’s basically a walking emoji!  Today her sad wittle face hurt all my feelings. 

And then she calls me.  

“I think I have what they call a cold.  There’s a virus going around.”  

 AHHHHHHHH. What they call a cold.   My mom. 

Today’s blog was neither educational, opinion or adventure.  Just a note about my mommy.  I could kiss her! 

But not now cause she’s sick! 

Germs.  Gross! 

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