I’ve Opened Myself To Serial Killers… a series (ep. 14)

Him: I feel most empowered when I am able to help others achieve their dreams which is my goal in life

Me: what are you doing to achieve this goal of yours?

Him: I’m just blessed to see 2020


There was no need to continue this conversation.

Thankfully I do not attract the men who send sexual advances and unsolicited pictures. With that said I absolutely cannot categorize the flock that swipe right on me in abundance.

They are… special.

I have learned so much about myself during this journey.  My attractive spectrum doesn’t go past ‘hmph’..  What personalities I am more attracted to. What boundaries I am willing to lay aside. Where I need to lean into God more.

When I started this journey I was absolutely sure that it was everyone else that was crazy and I can admit today that.. it may also be me.

I allow myself to be wrong in this assessment. 

From the last blog the majority of love was given to Mr. Cancun. You guys took a liking to him and I did to.  Mr. Cancun however wasn’t confident in his report. I require the ability to NOT like something and you be okay with it especially cause those of you closest to me know that I don’t like A LOT!  We still  communicate every now and again but it is obvious that Mr Cancun and I will surely be… friends.

Are you ready to be confused…. cause I am STILL texting Mr Truck driver. I know its a waste of time. I know that he is never going to be anything serious but he is so darn entertaining!

Mr. Truck driver is back in Dallas and desperately wants me to come visit. I have explained to him that we are NOT a couple. That he canNOT call me bae and that neither of us will know where the other lives and he thinks I’m playing. In his mind we are together. He feels it and knows it. He legit response to me denying his advances

“O ok we gone keep it a secret till the time comes and make it a surprise u will like and be a fast learner to love”

As usual I am not completely sure what that means but assume it means that I can deny now but will later learn that he is the one I love especially when a later text stated:

“i want more like u be mines and if theres something else then u tell me no matter what it is and shid u will be cool to do whatever it is if u tell me I care what it is anything stopping u from f!! with me the secret need to be told I can have anything I want I’m big in will so now u know what I am king of the illininati dont tell a soul getting rich broke right now till then money coming soon”

He texted me today to announce that he is about to take another trip and is sad that he can’t see me before he goes and understands if I have a man and that as long as he is number one than that is okay he will still take care of me.

It wasn’t as entertaining today..  I’m probably ready to move on.

Mr Germany is still holding strong. He keeps my WhatsApp popping more than my family of Jamaicans.  He has a home in Germany as well in Dallas because of his work. He makes sure to ask about me and tries his best to stay connected to me though he is an ocean away. He doesn’t return for another month and he has asked that I hold off on any commitments till he comes back and has a fair chance at being a major player in my life but I probably wont if All American plays his cards right.

That’s right All American is holding the lead. This blog is certainly not a secret to any of the men that I date and like many of them All American reads them with enthusiasm. He was disappointed that he was only mentioned in a few sentences in the last update but convinced himself that more wasn’t needed as I referred to him as All American which apparently in man terms mean King// Shaka Zulu// Big Man On Campus// Top Dog// King Ding A Ling and overall all colloquiums leading to the title of The Greatest.


I called him All American so that I can abbreviate him to AA representing the airline that he develops for but I will let him keep the name win cause he is low key earning it.

AA does a great job of letting his intentions be known but not in a creepy “he puts the lotion on the skin” kind of way. Somehow we have a standing appointment on Wednesdays where he arrives early as he is learning to Swing Dance the style in which I do. He has a goal to be able to dance me as effortlessly as the the men who make me grin while gliding across the floor do.

We had our first moment of tension when he sent an off color joke misreading my acceptance level for certain humor. Instead of avoiding it he reached out and in a face to face interaction addressed it and asked where those boundary lines were. Apologized for his misreading of what I would find appropriate and we had a great conversation that was a little deeper leading us into a better understanding of each other. There have been a few times where we bonded through great communication and one instance that left us both literally rolling on the floor laughing.

That’s a story for a much later blog.. (if he allows me to tell it)

This weekend we were supposed to travel together but life happened and he is unable to go and requested that we table the travel and swap it for a Dallas day of fun. He is choosing what he thinks I will like. He will never guess what I like. I instructed him to instead choose what he would like to do with me and maybe I can learn something new. Either way I am willing to have a great day as a part of his life.

Then I sent him some Groupons with ideas cause… I couldn’t help myself.

One of the ideas that he has is to go to a gun range. He has never shot a gun and Larry has taught me well. Tomorrow we may learn how well he takes me being better than him at yet, something else.. Cause I’m already a beast at dance and I may or may not have beat him at a game that black men hold dear…

Either way he has proven that we can work through it and that he is willing.

Meanwhile I am still swiping and engaging. Somebody is gonna have to get me out this app and find a close to this series.


I haven’t been serial killed yet!

Starring Courtney




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