Defund The Police??!!

🗣WHat Are You Gonna Do IF YoU CaNt CaLL the PoliceEeEEE!

I waited on this till I was less mad and could giggle about the ridiculous of it all!

I’m not getting enough sleep! Let me tell you why.

The nice white lady across the street from my moms house did drugs. No one knew. That was her business.

Well it wassss her business until the drugs caused the woman to go mad, hit her sister in the head w a baseball bat and be locked away leaving her house unoccupied..

Unoccupied until her drug dealers decided to move in and cop a squat.

And this isn’t about the squatting. I understand that it isn’t illegal. But everything else they are doing is and what is happening when the police are called? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

[Phone rings at 630am]
Ma: (out walking her dog) “The police pulled over a car and when they started walking to the car it speed off! Now the police in a chase and I swear it look like the girls across the street!”

Me: No way! It’s too early.
(Proceeds to get up and go look out the window only to see the car pull up and the driver and passenger run into the house. The police pull up behind them as another girl exits the house rubbing her eyes feigning sleep “what’s going on officers” as the lights on the car hadn’t even gone off yet)

No arrests were made.

They didn’t even talk to the driver or passenger. The passenger even came outside to “see” what was going on.


Oh yes, stolen car because I forgot to add that one of the girls in the house was arrested apparently. There was a huge argument in the yard between the ‘leader of the pack’ and a mother who came to pick up the car because it was STOLEN from her home after her daughter (their friend) was arrested!

The dealers across the street claimed they had no keys and that the car was left there by the daughter and the mother was mistaken. The police issued an apology and moments after the police and very visually angry mother and owner of the car drove away, THEY HOPPED IN THE CAR AND DROVE AWAY TOO!

In two weeks there have been police at their house almost daily. Sometimes multiple times like YESTERDAY when the day started with a verbal altercation in the yard. An early evening drive by shooting THE SECOND DRIVE BY THIS WEEK and an altercation between a woman and some man screaming “THATS ON MY SON!”

All day Lights! Sirens! Police yelling! Police leaving! wash/ rinse/ repeat…

This squatted house is an excellent example of the need to defund the police. I don’t need the police to baby sit these crazy white girls who are squatting in this once quiet block.

I needed these poor girls to have had access to better educational resources prior to making these types of life decisions.

One day her mother came by and it was obvious that she had fallen victim to drugs. I needed that mother to have had access to drug prevention or addiction programs so that she could have been there to raise a better daughter.

I need city and county housing departments that are staffed well so that when they are called concerning an abandoned house that has been over taken that it doesn’t take over a year to get the attention of the county and paper work “moving.”

I need children to have programs that expose them to a lifestyle that isn’t filled with crime so that they may decided not to get into it.

So that they didn’t grow up and decide to squat in a quiet neighborhood with old people and small children and choose to ruin it with illegal activities so that I had to call the police…

Which has accomplished nothing. Per usual.

If they were black I wonder if this would be different.

My life is like a movie,

Starring Courtny


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